The Seven Chakra Stones

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Our seven chakras, each with their own incredible responsibilities, are wonderful tools to use when it comes to the energetic healing of our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

When working on balancing our chakras, there are lots of things that we can use to assist us in this process. From aromatherapy, meditation, and reiki. One such amazing aide is the use of the corresponding chakra crystals.

The Seven Chakra Stones are a group of seven master stones, that attune so well to our chakra energetics, that they can assist with and even solve energetic issues within our chakra system.

Forged within the earth’s own energy, these crystals are found all over the world. Depending on their geography and chemical makeup, they absorb different energetics from their surroundings and can be used for a multitude of healing practices, including chakra work.

What is Crystal Healing?

As is the way with the universe, synchronicity is no mistake; the earth has its own energetic lines and chakra centres, as do we.

When matching these specific crystals and their healing energies to the type of healing that is required, they are powerful little tools we can use to help heal our own chakras in times of need.

Each specific chakra crystal has a unique energy, which correlates with our energetic centres. Just like certain sounds resonate with our chakras due to the frequency, these stones resonate in a similar way with energetic wavelength.

When cared for correctly, these crystals are balanced and resonating at the perfect level. When our chakras are out of balance, we can use them as a guide to bring our chakra back into balance.

If chakras remain out of balance, they can begin to manifest physical symptoms and even illnesses. So, having these mini powerhouses at hand to help is a great way to keep your energetic systems in check and functioning well.

How Can They be Used?

Chakra stones can be used in a multitude of ways to assist in this process. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate them into your daily life:

  1. Jewellery.

Wearing a chakra crystal as jewellery is a wonderful way to keep them on your body when you are working on a chakra imbalance. Permanently within your energetic field, they can work away whilst you go about your day.

  • During a healing session.

Some Reiki Masters use crystals as an aide within their healing sessions. By placing a crystal on the affected body part or within the chakra alignment, the crystal will direct energy towards the required area and can even increase the flow of energy during the session.

  • Placing them in your space.

Crystals are brilliant at balancing energetics in larger spaces over time. Keep the master stones around your home, on your desk, next to your bed, in the places where you spend your time. You will find that your living and working space becomes a place of calm and balance.

Now that we know how to use them in and around our life, let’s look at the Seven Chakra Stones in turn and how they affect your seven chakra centres.

The Seven Chakra Stones.

  1. Clear Quartz – The Crown Chakra – Violet

At the top of the list for a reason, clear quartz is a master healer. No healing is too big for this elegant stone and should be used in conjunction with all of the others to boost healing and effectiveness.

Associated with the crown chakra due to its powerful properties, it is the bringer of universal energy and can be placed at your crown chakra during healing, to enhance the flow of energy into your body.

Its relationship with the crown chakra means that it is the highest of energetics. It can assist with spiritual awakenings, connection to the universe, mental and emotional difficulties, and guidance needs.

As the brain is the controller of all bodily systems, so too is the crown chakra. If you need overall healing of an entire system or complete bodily healing, clear quartz is the one for this.

  • Amethyst – The Third Eye Chakra – Indigo

The third eye chakra, responsible for the connection to the universe, intuition, and energetic sight, amethyst is a wonderful partner to this centre for that reason. The second of the master stones.

Bringing divine spiritual healing, clarity, intuition, and wisdom, amethyst can rebalance the third eye and encourage spiritual awakenings and strengthening of intuition. To this day it is still used as a protection stone, if you are having trouble with psychic protection, wear some amethyst until your third eye is rebalanced.

  • Lapis Lazuli – The Throat Chakra – Blue

The stone of communication and psychic abilities, lapis lazuli is a crystal from the gods. Used everywhere in ancient Egypt, it is the stone of self-expression and wisdom.

This beautiful blue and goldstone, enables your throat chakra to expand beyond the physical, opening your awareness not only to things around you but that which is beyond perception. Helping you to attune to higher frequencies and communications from the universe.

  • Aventurine – The Heart Chakra – Green

The stone of love and self-care, aventurine is attuned to bringing comfort and harmony. This stone encourages self-love, removing the critical inner voice, and allowing for the truthful and unconditional love of oneself and others.

Rose Quartz – The Heart Chakra – Pink

The heart chakra is green but is centred with pink, and rose quartz very much deserves a mention here. Not strictly one of the seven chakra stones, it is another master stone that envelops the user with love and allows for connection directly from the heart.

  • Citrine – The Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

This exceptional sunstone is the power behind emotion. The colour of joy, Citrine brings the wearer wellness, prosperity, and emotional contentedness.

This stone is a powerhouse, providing willpower, passion and strength. Enabling you to set boundaries, express needs and take action.

Citrine is a compassionate stone and helps to heal deep trauma. It encourages validation and forgiveness, helping to bring light to darkness and melting negative energies for good.

  • Carnelian – The Sacral Chakra – Orange

A fiery crystal that encompasses all things passion. Your drive, your wants, and your desires. It is an explosive stone that requires careful use, if trauma is involved in the sacral chakra, the use of Citrine or rose quartz would be a helpful partner.

For lifestyle assistance, a carnelian is definitely the one to choose. Brining a zest for life, and living it to the fullest, carnelian encourages and motivates the wearer to step into their life with confidence and pride.

  • Black Tourmaline – The Root Chakra – Red

The root chakra is the grounding centre, for that reason, its crystal partner comes from the depths of colour. Bringing a weight to energetics, this crystal will allow you to connect to the energies of the earth and let them give you an anchor in your life.

Black tourmaline has strong protection and purifying qualities, ensuring your energetics remain pure and uncontaminated by outside influence, including electromagnetic fields.

This is also a great stone for stress, as we spend a lot of time in our mind mulling over stressful situations, black tourmaline brings us back into the now and allows us to redirect those energies away from our auric field.

Whichever chakra requires rebalancing, there is a crystal to assist.

If you are not sure which chakra is having trouble, close your eyes, quiet the mind, and ask your body where you need some help. You may have an obvious sign such as pain or anxiety, or it could be a little more subtle such as tingling, or a general feeling of something not quite right.

Your body and your chakra will react and let you know where your attention needs to be.

Let these incredible Seven Chakra Stones assist you and you will feel balanced and ready for anything in no time.

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