Tea Tree Essential oil

Incredible Essential oil for health and wellbeing

Today, Tea tree essential oil has been in a trend from beauty products to natural cleansers. Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree from South-Eastern Australia from where Tea tree essential oil comes, is now common throughout the world. Tea tree essential oil is a natural remedy to treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions, prevent infection, and encourage cure.

In this blog, I will tell you about some important uses of essential oil that promote health and wellbeing.

Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

  1. Antiseptic for minor wounds

Injuries that lead to skin abrasion make invading the bloodstream easy for germs that cause infection. It is said that Tea tree essential oil is an excellent option to treat small scrapes and wounds because of its ability to kill bacteria and fungus and having anti-inflammatory properties. To speed up the healing process, apply directly to clean skin twice daily.

  • Natural Cleanser

Alcohol and chemical ingredients are the basis of many hand cleanser products and sanitizers, while the strength of the tea tree oil derives from its inherent antibacterial properties, rendering the tea tree oil a perfect natural sanitizer. Studies have shown that Tea tree oil destroys many common bacteria and viruses that cause disease, including E. Coli, S. pneumoniae.

  •  Insect Repellent

Tea tree essential oil may keep irritating bugs a bay. Tea tree essential oil is much better in repelling mosquitoes than DEET. Tea tree essential oil can be rubbed directly on the skin or mixed with water and applied as a spray.

  • Natural Deodorant

The mixture of sweat and bacteria in our armpits is primarily responsible for the so-called “body odor.” The bacteria-fighting abilities of tea tree oil make it a perfect natural alternative to commercial deodorant and anti-sweat products. The oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial, which naturally keeps you fresh during the day.

  •  Reduce Acne

Tea tree essential oil helps to monitor the production of skin oils that can minimize acne breakouts along with the antiseptic properties. Tea tree essential oil may be a powerful acne defense. It is proved that with the use of tea tree essential oil, the volume and total intensity of acne are decreased.

  • Get Rid of Fungus

fungal Infections of nails and athlete foot are fairly common. Medications may treat fungi, but a more natural approach might be preferable for certain people. Tea-tree oil has proved its value whether used alone or in conjunction with other natural therapies in helping to remove yeast and fungal infections.

  • Natural home Cleaner

Tea tree essential oil is a good cleaner for surfaces. Tea tree essential oil can be combined with vinegar water and to provide your home with a chemical-free, versatile cleaner because you wouldn’t want the traces of chemicals did affect your family members or pet.

  • Healthy Scalp and Hair

Tea tree oil promotes hair health without chemical products which makes it the perfect ingredient for hair repair, makes hair healthy and shiny. Tea tree oil can also keep your scalp clean in addition to promoting hair hygiene, as it significantly reduces itch, dandruff, and flakiness and greatly reduces residual build-up on your skin.

  • Calm Inflammation

Tea tree essential oil can help to soothe the skin inflamed. The allergic reaction leads to red skin, itchy skin, and occasionally painful skin. The use of tea tree essential oil can reduce these symptoms, both in human and animal investigations.

Tea tree essential oil can also give relief from bug bite by decreasing the redness, itching, and swelling of insect secretion as the body produces histamine.

  1. Fight with cold and flu

As the cold and flu seasons continue, it is the right time to start working with your essential oils. Tea tree oil is a perfect way to clear congestion such as a runny nose, due to its ability to soothe inflammation. Put a few drops into your diffuser or put it in a warm bath and relax.

Pearls of wisdom:

Tea Tree Essential oil is an affordable natural alternative to expensive chemical treatments for the skin and nails, personal care products, and disinfectants.  In total, tea tree oil is a good choice and performs many purposes.

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