Raw Materials are an essential ingredients for creating luxurious all natural products. We are pleased to provide a wide variety of items to suit your every need. Our premium raw materials are available to both manufacturers and individuals creating their own products, and can be combined with our bases to create well being and cosmetic products with your own unique touch.

Raw Materials in Canada

USD $5USD $31(USD)
USD $10USD $73(USD)
Carbopol Ultrez 20 Polymer
Out of stock
USD $247(USD)


Cetyl Alcohol

USD $16USD $361(USD)



USD $32USD $388(USD)
USD $24USD $37(USD)
USD $7USD $31(USD)
USD $47USD $176(USD)
USD $24USD $37(USD)
USD $63USD $496(USD)
USD $103USD $2,820(USD)
USD $88USD $124(USD)
Hydrogenated Castor Oil - PEG 40
Out of stock
USD $20USD $413(USD)
USD $15USD $319(USD)
USD $19USD $166(USD)

Cosmetic Bases

Seaweed Powder

USD $9USD $25(USD)
USD $10USD $30(USD)
USD $29USD $119(USD)


Silk Peptide

USD $29USD $171(USD)
USD $18USD $30(USD)
USD $39USD $192(USD)


Tara Gum

USD $7USD $42(USD)


Vitamin C

USD $33USD $1,038(USD)
USD $20USD $1,060(USD)
USD $12USD $145(USD)
USD $22USD $479(USD)
USD $43USD $1,087(USD)
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