Our Mission

Founded in 2007 as a homegrown business, Aromatics Canada is today one of the leading wholesale suppliers of high-quality essential oils, 100% pure organic oils, fragrant oils, carrier oils and cosmetic raw materials. We believe in the power of nature and take pride in offering a wide selection of 600+ products for your journey to wellness.

We source only from the finest and most ethical producers locally and around the world to provide the best quality and prices. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products as we are dedicated to offer a personalized service to all our customers to find the best oils for their needs. We also offer free shipping to Canada and the USA (refer to our policies) as a strong commitment to customer experience.

Our mission is to operate with integrity and transparency in all aspects of our business and deliver the purest and most potent aromatics for your senses. Whether you’re a small business using our products for soaps, candles, body butters, aromatherapy or simply buying them to enhance your home environment, our oils are sure to leave you feeling invigorated and revitalized.