Our Mission

Who We Are:

Welcome to Aromatics Canada Inc. The name says it all. We, Aromatics Canada Inc. are an online retail house that sells a large variety of oils, including Essentials, Carriers, Absolutes, Nature Identicals, Fragrant oils, 3% dilutions and Herbal oils along with a vast collection of Butters, Cosmetic Bases, Raw materials and Floral Waters.

What We Do:

Being in this business since 2017, we pick the best quality of these products and ‘Wow’ our customers every day with value and a dedication to customer service. From the plains of Europe, to the jungles of Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, to the mountains of Morocco and the fields in China, our products travel the distance to bring happiness and satisfaction to our customers.

Our Journey:

It all started about 3-4 years ago when we started dabbling in these oils before finally realizing that we wanted others like us to experience the same aromas. With an eye to quality and cost, Aromatics Canada was born. Though they say it appears to be just yesterday when we started out on this path, its been such a fulfilling experience throughout Aromatic Canada’s young life. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone choose the oils of his/her choice and then write to us about the fantastic aroma, which they just adored, as soon as they opened the bottle. We continue to feel satisfied that we’re doing our part in introducing such amazing products to our customers at reasonable prices and with an adherence to quality.